Chanakya Neeti – What can we learn from others Mistakes?

“Learn from the mistakes of others… you can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves!!” – Great thought by Chanakya.

It’s very much clear that we need to learn from mistakes of others. Every person is a teacher for us. Every person has a different lesson to teach. You should live with open mind and accept every lesson. Every moment is a class for us. By learning from other’s mistakes we can become a better human being and in business world we can become more successful.

Whenever you plan to succeed on some venture it is advised that you need to consult the person who is already succeeded in the same line of activity. Only he can guide you with the practical experiences and share you his knowledge. This can be your learning and time saver. His experience and the failures are your stepping stones for success. Always ask and learn from mistakes of others.

Meet many people with relevant experience and note down their views about the venture you would like to start, they will guide you with many things and also about how you need to handle the situations while working towards the success of the venture.

————Krishnna Tickare