Joy of contribution

Joy of contribution

Are we satisfied with the way we are living? Is my life only about me? Many times we are in the conversation of me, me, me & me……is it going the right way…? Then we talk about I am not satisfied, I am not happy and so many things…

What’s the fundamental quality of human being? Its actually contributing to other’s lives….Let me share you some instance on this…

One day morning you are out for a walk in the jogger’s park. Its morning around 5.45am, wheather is so nice, many people of are walking and jogging along side of you, cool wind is touching your body, birds are flying and making chirping sound, you can clearly hear the chirping sound of sparrow’s… you are enjoying the morning walk.. you are scheduled to complete and return home by half an hour as you need to get ready to go to office… One young person is walking beside you, he is listening to music and enjoying the walk… he is also in hurry…you just smiled at him and he simled at you …you are just moving …Oh !! suddenly the person beside you falls down on the road !!! withing fraction of seconds you run to him to see what happened, just like you few more people rush to him. You take some water from other person and make him drink, he is still sleeping on the road, you are shaking him and sking him what happened, no reply from him, you and others are still thinking what happened to him, you are saying others whether anyone can get a vehicle to take him to the hospital, slowly he opens his are so happy by seeing ask him again what happened, then he says what happened to him and so on.. you are happy that he is fine and you move on back to walking..

At this point what happened to your? why did you support him? you don’t even know him? What made you to rush towards him and support him? you did not even think anything before doing this, when he fell down you just rushed and did what was required..that’s being Human. That’s the natural quality of being human, that’s the fundamental quality of contributing to other’s life.

If we start being the contributor to everyone in our life what’s possible? Start looking at all areas of your life..what’s really possible…definately we will have extraordinary results..

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