Who is an Entrepreneur?

1)      An optimist who creates Businesses

2)      A positive thinker who wants to convert his ideas into a real success

3)      A great person who creates job opportunities to the society

4)      A leader who can take risks to create and build successful businesses

5)      A great guide/coach to his team members

6)      Someone who can recognize the good efforts

7)      A person who is always with a charm on his face and always wanting to put his best efforts in creating something great

8)      A dedicated inspirer who wants to build a successful team

9)      A great fighter who is ready to face any sort of hardships while building businesses

10)   Someone the world respects for his work

11)   A great mentor



Krishnna Tickare

How can you become an Enterpreneur?

 * list out your ideas & expertise on paper

* Choose the best one to convert into success based on your confidence in-terms of you can do it.

* Find out expertise/consultants or someone who can guide you in the right direction.

* Make a plan – right from starting to the success of your business.

* Complete your legal requirements

* Start working on your plan step by step.

* Involve right people if required at the right place.

* Once you start working on the path, you will learn many new things which you have  never come across.

* Even if you make mistake, keep putting efforts in the right direction, DON’T QUIT.

* You will get the desired results of success.

* It all depends on when you will feel as successful



Krishnna Tickare



What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a spirit / Zeal to create something as a new entity or venture.
Every person thinks many times that he should have his own business, but because of some circumstances/situations many people remain in whatever they are doing and not able to move forward to start off.
you can think of getting into business world and start putting efforts in the right direction without leaving your present job, I am sure you will get results.

What you need to do to get into business?
1) An Idea
2) Ready to spare your time to convert your idea into success
3) Guidance from experts/consultants

Krishnna Tickare