Having a effective Meeting


How can we have effective meetings in the organisation? Many times we think of something and something else happens at the meetings. Let’s look at how can we make the meetings effective.

Set the agenda 

It’s really very important to set the agenda for the meeting. As that’s the key points to discuss in the meeting. Without any points you will spend more time without knowing what to discuss. Look at who are suppose to attend the meeting. What is the outcome of the meeting you are setting up?

Set start and end time

Timing for the meeting can be thought much before the meeting, based on the agenda to discuss you can clearly see how much time do you need for the meeting. Intimate the timings each member who will be attending the meeting. That will give clarity to everyone about the agenda and the timings. So that everyone can schedule their other activities.

Conclude the accomplishments of the meeting

Keep some time scheduled in the meeting for the conclusions of the meeting. That will have everyone to to get present to what’s being discussed, what new actions are scheduled and what future needs to be accomplished further.

Points to Notes

  • Keeping things simple and clear will have workability for everyone.
  • Acknowledge the team members for their accomplishments and anything pending to from each one to get present at the start of the meeting
  • Have ground rules for the participation in the meeting
  • Have a clear future to be accomplished for the organisation and also what needs to be accomplished in the meeting