How do you listen to everyone?

How do you listen to everyone?

Hi, The question “How do you listen to everyone?” is really very interesting.. Have you ever thought about this?

Get present to what happens in your day to day life. Get present to the conversations you have with everyone in your life. It’s time to curiously get engaged in every conversation you get involved in.

Consider a small get together at home in the evening and you need to plan many things to make arrangements to have it successfully completed. You have said to your family member that you will take 2 hours leave from work and you will reach home early and you will be able to do all the arrangements.

At the other side you are at office with lots of work and really very busy. In the evening when you are thinking of talking to your boss about you going home early and you want his approval for the same.. Before you go to your boss, he comes to your table and says that there is an urgent meeting scheduled. What happens to you? Suddenly you are not even listening to him, you are listening to your own judgement and evaluation about the situation. You are not even talking to him about it so….? after few minutes the boss says that he needs to stay back late in the evening and he wants you to assist him all the required documents for the meeting and you can leave for home early. Suddenly you are present to new thoughts inside you. Earlier you were not even listening to him, now you are fully engaged in what he is talking about and what he really wants from you.

Just get present to many of the conversations we are engaged in our life. Every moment we are involved in our own judgement and our own views about everything. We always listen from the judgement and views we are already filled with in our thoughts. We are not present to the reality of what’s happening and what is being said by the other person. Imagine if we start listening to everything from no judgement what’s possible in every relationships we maintain. We will have an extraordinary quality of life. We will not have stress and unhappiness inside of the thoughts we are filled with.

Start looking at the way you participate in every conversation. Have a wonderful day ahead !!!!