Life is a Choice

Living life is all about your choices. When I am saying this, you will have questions like… “Many things happen automatically and I did not make a choice??” Let us look at what is actually happening.

If you start looking in detail about areas of your life, you will start noticing yourself about what I am saying. Start looking from everything from your child hood. You chose many things while you were growing up, like your clothes, the toys, the games you played, the friends you were spending time with and so on.

You chose your school, hobbies and career. The point I am making is you chose some things and you created the future from there. If you see the choices you made yesterday was creating your today. The actions were shaped by your choices.

You chose career, your business, your life partner all those were your own choices. That’s clear that all was shaped by your own choices.

Your choice is a future you are looking to create. It needs ongoing focus on the process. Once you choose and not act upon, will not create what you wanted.

Look at the time you spend in relationships and career. It has become automatic. It’s going on. You have become hopeful about the future of that and you think it will happen automatically.

The relationship with your loved ones needs to be managed, needs to be taken care off. You can not take things granted.

Same with the career. Your job / business all is created from your own choices. It needs periodic check points. You can navigate your journey.

Remember you are the driver of your life. When I say you are the driver, you have all the controls to navigate your life. Keep creating and enjoy the beauty of life. There is nothing at the end of the journey, it is all about the journey to be enjoyed till the end.

Have fun….