Life has no Control !!!

As usual, Early morning 6am I went for jogging. The weather was slightly cold out side. I could hear the sound of sparrows chirping. There were many joggers and people walking at the ground. The kids group was cycling. The senior people group at the corner of the ground is doing yoga. The other senior group at the other corner of the ground practicing laughter therapy. It is a happy morning.

I completed my run and reached back home. I was enjoying morning tea sitting near the window. Enjoying the morning fresh air.

The mobile started ringing braking my silence, In a minute mobile ring stopped. I got up to check who called. It was my childhood classmate. I was wondering why he called me so early. What happened?

I picked the phone and called him. He was in tention and sad. He said one of our classmate expired in the morning. I was shocked. Just a week back I had got update about his health.

I remember the days spent together. My classmate was a bright student at school. He was accomplished and was working for an organisation at a senior post. Well behaved gentleman.

Left all the family members and friends In a short time. He had many goals which he wanted to achieve. Always working towards those dreams. Living with family members with full of joy and fun.

He was unwell for almost 10 days and was admitted to hospital. Life was ruining the days. He was struggling to survive. Few days he messaged us that he is fighting at the same time worried about the future of himself and family. With all the battle he lost his life at the hospital. A sad day for all of us. We lost a precious gem.

This is life. Nothing is in our control. We are totally busy in creating many positions and accomplishments for ourselves and family members. We all keep running behind materialistic things. We are just running. We are not even thinking what we are creating. Every day every moment is precious. Let us fill that with full of joy and aliveness. Start living in the present. There is an old saying “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery and today is a gift, that’s why it is called present !!” Make your day and moment meaning full. Each one of us can create a beautiful life for people around us. Keep contributing to humanity. Remember LIFE IS PRECIOUS and You don’t have control.