Importance of Clarity

Clarity is very important in all areas of life which are of importance to you.

What is Clarity ? Dictionary meaning is the quality of transparency or purity. It is something which gives you the real picture of something. You will not have any doubts.

Imagine for a moment that you are driving on a unknown road, it is a hill station, beautiful greenery along one of the road and other side of the road there is flowing river. It is really a beautiful nature. You are driving a high end car which can go at a very high speed. You are enjoying the drive and with a good speed. After driving a little while suddenly you see thick fog, u apply breaks. Even if you are having a Car which can go at high speed, you are driving slowly and carefully because there is no clarity of the road ahead. The moment the fog vanished and you can see clear pathway ahead, you start driving at a speed and you are enjoying. All that fear and being careful also vanished the moment you got to see the clarity.

Same is true in all areas of our life. Look at your family relationships, business partnerships, customer and supplier relationships. Can you see, where ever there is clarity you have a great growth and you are enjoying. Wherever the clarity is not there you are still struggling to have it cleared for you. Unclarity applys breaks to the future you are creating. Clarity gives you access and allows you to focus your energies and abilities to accomplish what you want in every area.

This is what works for Goal setting. If you don’t have a clear goal, there in no chance of achieving it. The more you have clear goals, you are more nearer to accomplishing it.

Look at business partnerships. What clarity is not there in all areas of the business. Is there clarity between partners on many aspects. Like why they are together on this mission, what each one can count for each other, together what they want to accomplish, what accountability to be shared in the business, Is there a clear business plan, what team they want to build, What services they want to sell to customers, What type of customers they want want to serve, like each and every aspect of the business needs clarity. It is just a small list shared here. The more you have made it clear on what to accomplish and how to accomplish, next step is to just take actions to make it happen.

Look at family relationships…many are struggling just because of the fact that there is no clarity between members about the future they are creating together. There are assumptions which are not the facts, they are just assumptions. But they are driving the family members. You are driven by your own assumptions not the facts. Each member can see the circumstances from their own views and judgments. That creates gaps between members. Speaking out and having it clear about what you want to create together gives you access.

Look at society people staying together. There are so much of un clarity and no unity between members. Only thing what is missing is The clarity about what they want to accomplish together as society. When all members together start working towards having clarity, they can actually create unimaginable future for all.

Start having clarity on every areas of your life. Create what you want. Have clarity.

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