Mistakes to avoid as an Entrepreneur on Team Building

Mistakes to avoid as an Entrepreneur on Team Building

As an Entrepreneur we all know the team is must to have our business to grow. What mistakes we need to avoid in our business as a priority.

  1. Not hiring the right candidate at the right position – Many of us think hiring a right person may cost us more and it’s an expense to the business. To save from that expense, we end up hiring an untrained candidate and actually create an expense as a liability. Our employees are the great assets to the business.  So hire a right person.
  2. Training of the Team – Training the team members to deliver what’s required is must in business. Once we hire a right candidate we are sure that the person can deliver what we want, we need to ensure that by training them we can enhance the results. Training ongoingly can really fetch extraordinary results for the team and the Business. There’s a saying “The more you get trained, less you bleed in the war
  3. Awarding the team member – Acknowledge the team member for each of their contribution in the project or business. Acknowledgement and recognition really empowers team members to go beyond obstacles to produce the required results. Remember the team members are great assets.

Entrepreneurship awareness Workshop

Workshop attended on “Entrepreneurship awareness and enterprise building” at Symbiosys Institute Pune, Invited by AIMA New Delhi. The motto of the program was “Don’t Hunt for the Job – Be Your Own Boss”

The program was organized by AIMA for the African and Indian Students.

It was pleasure to share about Entrepreneurship, Interest in building and Managing Business, New opportunities available for all of us to grow in the field of Business etc.
















How can you contribute towards the development & growth of a company?

Every businessman and employer wants his business to grow in rapid speed. So he expects that from every employee, partner, supplier and everyone he gets associates with. He thinks about his business almost every moment. He tries to utilize each and every opportunity which he feels will help him to grow his business to the next level of growth.

He works with dedicated determination, keeping himself alert to face anything comes as obstacle for the growth.

I request you all to list out some ideas and contributions from your side for the following points,

*   If you are an employee, how can you contribute towards the growth of the business?

*   If you are an employer, what do you really expect from your employees for the growth of the business?

The sharing of experience and knowledge will help many people in the right direction…..


Krishnna Tickare

Why patience is required for success?

You need to have patience to have success in everything you do. Whenever you start with any venture or take up any assignment you need to understand the time required to complete the assignment or succeed in the venture.

A seed is sown and watered for many days / months to start its life and come above the ground level. It does not mean that it was not growing for so many days/months, but it was growing its roots. Similarly everything you start with, needs to grow the roots to get established and then start growing above the level which will be seen by everyone. Keeping patience and continuing with the constant effort in the right direction is required to see the results.

A small story is narrated below to conclude why patience is necessary.

“In a village a farmer wanted to sell his acres of land and the publicity was done for the same. One person enquired and consulted the experts to have their views to decide the buying. The consultants told that the land has got goldmine inside and it is worth lots of money for him. So he brought the land and started digging for the gold. He went on digging many feet’s and many months but there was no sign of gold. Finally after putting efforts for many months he thought that he is been fooled by the farmer and then he decides to sell the land even at the lower price.

A new buyer came and examined through his consultants and brought the land in fewer prices. Even he started digging for the gold and the miracle happened after digging hardly about 5 -6 feet and the gold was found.”

If the first buyer had kept patience for some more time and kept continuing with the efforts he would have got the gold. So the PATIENCE IS NECESSARY.

Who is an Entrepreneur?

1)      An optimist who creates Businesses

2)      A positive thinker who wants to convert his ideas into a real success

3)      A great person who creates job opportunities to the society

4)      A leader who can take risks to create and build successful businesses

5)      A great guide/coach to his team members

6)      Someone who can recognize the good efforts

7)      A person who is always with a charm on his face and always wanting to put his best efforts in creating something great

8)      A dedicated inspirer who wants to build a successful team

9)      A great fighter who is ready to face any sort of hardships while building businesses

10)   Someone the world respects for his work

11)   A great mentor



Krishnna Tickare

How can you become an Enterpreneur?

 * list out your ideas & expertise on paper

* Choose the best one to convert into success based on your confidence in-terms of you can do it.

* Find out expertise/consultants or someone who can guide you in the right direction.

* Make a plan – right from starting to the success of your business.

* Complete your legal requirements

* Start working on your plan step by step.

* Involve right people if required at the right place.

* Once you start working on the path, you will learn many new things which you have  never come across.

* Even if you make mistake, keep putting efforts in the right direction, DON’T QUIT.

* You will get the desired results of success.

* It all depends on when you will feel as successful



Krishnna Tickare



What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a spirit / Zeal to create something as a new entity or venture.
Every person thinks many times that he should have his own business, but because of some circumstances/situations many people remain in whatever they are doing and not able to move forward to start off.
you can think of getting into business world and start putting efforts in the right direction without leaving your present job, I am sure you will get results.

What you need to do to get into business?
1) An Idea
2) Ready to spare your time to convert your idea into success
3) Guidance from experts/consultants

Krishnna Tickare