Why skill development trainings are required?

Despite the fact that India is a fast-developing economy, there is an urgent need of skilled work force. Skilled workforce is the backbone of the industries. To gain this they must acquire education and skilled expertise that prepares them for the labour market, Many of the major industries are in losses because of the same cause.

“Lack of skilled workers impacts on all three fronts: quality, delivery, and costs,” says K.V. Rangaswami, president of construction at Mumbai-based Larsen.

The employers are trying to catch up the highly skilled manpower and the salaries are going through the roof. Each and every industry is facing the shortage of skilled man power.

The only solution is Institutions who are training students in the field of ITI, Diploma, Tool & Die making should plan for the major practical oriented courses rather than theoretical systems and increase the student outputs. At the same time parents should understand the need of the hour for the betterment of their children and focus on the quality oriented practical courses. As the technical people are required in every industry and every sector the scope of growth is much more comparing to any other field of education.