How can you be Loyal?

We live in a world where selfishness seems to be the rule of the day, and personal gain the objective of most relationships and endeavors. One of the most honorable character traits a person can develop is the ability to be loyal, whether to family, friends, an employer, or clubs and organizations to which we may belong. Loyalty can be rewarded, but loyalty usually comes from within.

How can you be Loyal?

1)    Understand what loyalty is.   Loyalty is giving space to someone or some cause before you, giving importance to the other person, keeping aside your priorities.

2)    Be willing to sacrifice. Being loyal to a friend or your own family can also require sacrifice.

3)    Consider the loyalty benefits. This is mainly for employees, as you know being a loyal employee can build trust with the employer, it can raise your salary, it can promote you to higher positions.

4)    See that you are loyal to the right people. Being loyal to the wrong groups or people can trouble you, so you need to choose the right people to be loyal with. It is a practical thing to expect the person or group to which you give your loyalty to be loyal to you in return.


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….Krishnna Tickare


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